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Kurnalpi-Lake Rebecca Project (Kula Gold 100%)

Kula-Gold-Logo 50The Kurnalpi-Lake Rebecca Gold Project EL 28/2942 originally covered 150kmand it has been increased to approx 310km2 after additional exploration license applications were made with EL 28/3029 and E28/3137.

This project is located 150km NE of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Kula’s exploration license is adjacent to tenements that are owned and under exploration by Apollo Consolidated Ltd’s (ASX: AOP) which are 10km south of recently discovered Lake Rebecca Gold Project (a +1 million oz resource defined and additional exploration drilling is being undertaken). Other ASX exploration companies that surround Kula’s tenements are shown in the map below, including recently listed E79 Gold Mines Limited.

The Company has used open file aero-magnetics to identify a number of target structures for initial auger drill testing.  Limited historic drilling/sampling work has been undertaken over the area.  Open file data compilation work and detailed geophysical studies have been completed which have identified two geochemical and co-incident magnetic anomalies on the licence.  Early stage soil sampling and drilling has been carried out on the license and further development work is planned for the exploration license.

Map of Kurnalpli-Lake Rebecca Project and surrounding explorers.

Map of Kurnalpli-Lake Rebecca Project and surrounding explorers.

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