A slice of Southern Cross mining history was shared on LinkedIn in November.

Kula Gold Director and Secretary Simon Adams commented on the below post from Altan Rio Minerals Limited which highlighted photos from drilling sites at Southern Cross dating back to 1936 and 1952.

“Lots of history in Southern Cross with lots more to be made.” Adams noted.

Kula Gold announced on November 26 it was due to commence Auger drilling at our Airfield Gold Project in the Southern Cross region next week (week starting November 30), following on from field work already undertaken at Airfield Gold’s Marvel Loch location and at our second Southern Cross site – the Rankin Dome Project.

The pilot mine was established in 1931 and Altan Rio Minerals CEO Paul Stephen found the photos in the Southern Cross museum.

Details from the LinkedIn post:

“Drilling has come a long way in 70 years…

The pilot mine was found in 1931 and worked to a depth of 18m by its discoverer to the end of 1939. During this period 87.5kg of gold was recovered (Matheson, 1947). Western Mining Corporation as managers for Great Western Consolidated NL (GWC) then mined to a depth of 120m. Colleen Bawn workings identified 300m to the west of the Pilot Mine “Produced 850t at 86.26g/t of gold prior to 1940 (Matheson, 1940)” (A016986, page 8)”

Photos from past Southern Cross mining endeavours - courtesy of Altan Rio Minerals.

Photos from past Southern Cross mining endeavours – courtesy of Altan Rio Minerals.

Kula Gold will begin advanced Auger drilling activity at three target sites across our Southern Cross projects from the week starting November 30, 2020.

More details here.

Location of Kula’s Southern Cross Gold Projects.

Location of Kula’s Southern Cross Gold Projects as of October 2020.

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Date: 27 November 2020 | ASX Code: KGD

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