⛏️  Kula Gold Limited reports results of a recent rock chipping and mapping programme in the vicinity of the historical Camilleri/Donnybrook Mine with an assay result of up to 11.19 g/t Gold.

The Company has done more intensive mapping of the outcropping veins that have haematite alternation and results are at the laboratory pending assay.

Kula Gold’s Managing Director Ric Dawson comments:

“Kula Gold is particularly interested in the Camilleri Prospect in a historically rich area that had gold production of 236.7 ounces from 53 tons of material, (equates to 146g/t). This neglected area had previous miners plan drill holes which for unknown reasons did not eventuate.

Hopefully for Kula Gold’s benefit this historical oversight will be fortuitous.

In addition, the Jarvis Prospect nearby provides excellent gold potential due to identification of unrecorded historic shafts and high order soil anomalies.”

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Figure 1. Kula Gold onsite at the new Camilleri Gold Prospect (where a result of 11.19 g/t Gold was discovered) within the Brunswick Project


  • Focused gold exploration this quarter has yielded highly prospective gold mineralisation in the wholly owned Brunswick Project.
  • Substantial gold prospectivity identified at the historic Camilleri Mine and Jarvis Prospects near the historic Mt Cara and Hunter Venture Gold Mines with assays to 11.2g/t gold where past production was extremely rich at 146g/t gold.

Figure 2. Kula Gold’s Brunswick Project, locations of the Camilleri and Jarvis Prospects near the historic Mt Cara and Hunter Venture Mines, Donnybrook.

Brunswick Project – E70/5660 – 100%

⛏️  Camilleri Prospect

The Camilleri Prospect covers the historical Camilleri and Blackwood Venture gold producers of 236.73 ounces, and 24.0 ounces respectively. The Company has received laboratory results of up to 11.19g/t gold from a recent chip and mapping programme.

This together with the previous Kula Gold rock chips in the near vicinity with grades of 0.8 – 3.3g/t gold (Table 1) is highly encouraging for a more advanced exploration programme in the coming quarters. The Company has an existing Landowner Agreement and has submitted a Programme of Work to facilitate the above.

Figure 3: Location of the Camilleri Prospect and the Camilleri and Blackwood Venture gold production.

The Camilleri Prospect is in the regional setting of the Donnybrook Gold Mine (DBGM) and is in a gold trend that is located near the intersection of the major Donnybrook Shear Zone and the Darling Fault Zone and sits along/adjacent to this main gold corridor.

Below, Figure 4, shows haematitic altered quartz vein in a host sandstone.

Figure 4: Outcropping predominantly hematite altered chalcedonic quartz veins within shallowly dipping sandstones. No visual sulphides are evident.

Figure 5. Kula Gold onsite at the new Camilleri Gold Prospect within the Brunswick Project

⛏️  Jarvis Prospect

The gold prospectivity of the Jarvis Prospect was identified following a recent geological review of ex-Metana Minerals NL soil sampling and drilling during the mid-1980’s, see Figure 2.

The Jarvis Prospect was scout drilled in the 1980’s following up a peak 500ppm soil anomaly with 4 percussion drill holes that used inferior equipment which resulted in poor and contaminated sample recovery.

Kula Gold has a mapping, rock chipping and UFF soil sample programme underway this quarter to provide a better gold definition for advanced

Further fieldwork on this epithermal style gold target is in progress.

Figure 6: An idealised model for epithermal gold deposits (Irvine and Smith, 1990) showing drill traces and rig. The symbols A, B, C and D denote hypothetical levels of exhumation of the deposit by surface erosion.

Figure 7. Open inclined shaft at the Jarvis Gold Prospect within the Brunswick Project.

Further results will be reported in due course.

Table 1: Rock Chip results with significant laboratory assays greater than 0.8g/t gold

*Visual estimates of mineral abundance should never be considered a proxy or substitute for laboratory analysis where concentrations or grade are the factor of principal economic interest. Visual estimates also potentially provide no information regarding impurities or deleterious physical properties relevant to valuations.

⛏️  Other Gold Projects

A substantial level of work is in progress on the Boomerang, Stingray, Mustang, Westonia and other gold prospects and significant results will be reported over the next few weeks.

Figure 8: Kula’s Kirup & Brunswick Project’s, loca on of Greenbushes Mine & Albemarle’s Kemerton Lithium Hydroxide Plant.

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Competent Person Statement

The information in this announcement that relates to geology, exploration and visual estimates is based on, and fairly represents, information and supporting documentation compiled by Mr. Ric Dawson, a Competent Person who is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Mr. Dawson is a Geology and Exploration Consultant who has been engaged by Kula Gold Limited and is a related party of the Company. Mr. Dawson has sufficient experience, which is relevant to the style of mineralisation, geology and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity being undertaken to qualify as a competent person under the 2012 edition of the Australasian Code for Reporting Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the 2012 JORC Code). This market announcement is issued with the prior written consent of Mr. Dawson as to the form and context in which the exploration results, visual estimates and the supporting documentation are presented in the market announcement.

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News Release

Date: 04 April 2024 | ASX Code: KGD 

About the Company
Kula Gold Limited (ASX: KGD) is a Western Australian mineral exploration company with expertise in the discovery of new mineral deposits in WA. The strategy is via large land positions and structural geological settings capable of hosting ~+1m oz gold or equivalent sized deposits including Lithium.
The Company is advancing projects within the South West region of WA for Gold and Lithium at Kirup and Brunswick – near the world class Greenbushes Lithium Mine, Gold at the Boomerang/Stingray Prospects in the WA goldfields at Southern Cross, and at Westonia (adjacent to the producing Edna May Gold Mine – owned by ASX:RMS).
Kula discovered the large 93.3mt Boomerang Kaolin deposit near Southern Cross WA – Maiden resource announced 20 July 2022. This project is in the economic study phase and moving to PE funding or trade JV.
The Company has a history of large resource discoveries with its foundation being the Woodlark Island Gold project in PNG, (+1m oz Gold) which was subsequently joint ventured and sold to (ASX: GPR).
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